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Puzzled By CSharp

I am a UMBC alumnus in computer engineering. During my time in college, I encountered many programming languages from Python, Java, C, ASM assembly, VHDL, etc. So with that background, I have had to adapt quickly to the languages to get my tasks done.

I’m a software engineer in a tech company with nine years of C# experience. This site is intended for programmers from all skill set levels, particularly in the C#/CSharp programming language. C# is a powerful programming language with a lot of built-in functionality to enable you to be productive very quickly. There will be step-by-step instructions on this site as well as smaller code snippets with the intent to get you unstuck on your problem as soon as possible. Also, on this site will be important life skills and job-related skills that will be relayed to you in the hope that you will be successful in your programming career endeavors.