New Line In StringBuilder in .NET

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In .NET, The new line is a special sequence that can be inserted into a string. Represented as '\n' this works as if you pressed return on the keyboard. This can be inserted into any StringBuilder object. It is useful to know to automate the sequence.

In the example, below we are looping through an object of type car. With each loop, the car variables are written to a StringBuilder instance with a new line ('\n') at the end.

List<Car> carList = GetCarData();
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
foreach (Car car in carList)
    sb.Append($"Make:{car.Make}, Model:{car.Model}, Color:{car.Color}\n");

New Line Console Output

Make: Hyundai, Model: Sonata, Color:Black
Make: Toyota, Model: Corolla, Color: White
Make: Telsa, Model: Model S, Color: Cyan
Make: Honda, Model: CR-V, Color: Black
Make: BMW, Model: X3, Color: Blue
Make: Acura, Model: MDX, Color: Red
Make: Honda, Model: Pilot, Color: Dark Blue
Make: Ford, Model: Focus, Color: Yellow
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